Our Aims

The hallmarks of the Cardiovascular Research Support Unit (GAIC) are mainly support and collaboration to the Cardiology Department of Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, EPE and to the Cardiovascular Center of the University of Lisbon.

GAIC was designed to serve as a platform for cardiovascular (CV) investigators and collaborators within the Faculty of Medicine.  GAIC has the following objectives:

  • Organize and coordinate clinical research projects ensuring a consolidate scientific network in the CV field;
  • Identify opportunities for research projects and collaborations at national and international level;
  • Promote the dissemination of CV scientific activities;
  • Ensure database and reports management of CV scientific activity;
  • Provide information about programs, training, events and scientific meetings;
  • Improve specialized training for scientists involved in clinical research patient oriented, including Good Clinical Practice certification;
  • Development of guidance documents (procedures / standard operations) for the conduction of researcher according to the Good Clinical Practice; 
  • Provide scientific advisory in research projects design, methodology selection, database and statistical analysis planning, results report and publication process;
  • Design & Development of GAIC own research projects in order to: 1) concept new tools for research support, 2) understand the impact of Clinical Research Support Units at Portuguese CV Research, and 3) understand the impact of clinical research within all stakeholders  and in the society.